Monday, March 26, 2012

owh..sudah lama.

kesian..aku sudah lama tak update.maaflah.sibuk seharian bersama aktiviti study.
macam2 hal berlaku.tapi masih boleh lagi diteruskan.sakit macam mana pun tetap gagahkan diri.haha! ayat paling skema. not that seriously psycho.
just to let u all am still standing matter what u said or do is not related to me.this is my life.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

somebody i used to know

how many times it should be like this.
am addicted to you since the first day i meet u.
sooner or later the statement will be change.
you were "somebody i used to know"

you ask for chances? for all this time only this i heard you said that.
am i really mean for you?

my heart say no..just can't..
am sorry..
i do..and used too..and still..
but i can't..

you ..somebody i used to know.